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Greetings from your Good Leader
a cynical song exept for the middle part.

"One of these days I'll finish the recordings and the video. But even in its rudimentary state it says it all. I hesitate to make the song sound as beautiful as it maybe is, because of the appalling subject... But then again, a finished version of the song and the video might reach more easily a bigger audience for it. So I guess I should, because of the importance of that subject. "

The information on You Tube and Vimeo about this song and the video:

Working on it. Totally officially approved with a stamp, however: WARNING: this is a cynical song! And all resemblance of existing balcony's, squares, 'leaders' and/or dictators, political or otherwise, also in The Netherlands and Great Britain, and of friends of leaders like bankers and ceo's of f.i. oil companies and phone companies is coïncidental, and all resemblance of existing words and their meaning in the lyrics, exept for the middle part of the song, is also pure accidental. MOREOVER, WE STRESS THE FACT THAT OPINIONS SHOULD THEY SEEM TO HAVE BEEN EXPRESSED IN THIS VIDEO ARE NOT NECESSARILY THE OPINIONS OF THE MAKERS, THEIR AFFILIATES, CONTRIBUTORS, OR MAJOR MOVIE COMPANIES AND TV-HOSTS who all distance themselves of everything and in every way. If you watch this video you agree to the terms and content (everyone is disclaimed except for the people this video seems to have a resemblance to which is co├»ncidental) of this disclaimer (End of disclaimer.)
This video is all but finished, but our Vigilante Mary Choir did a fantastic job again with their sometimes eery vocals !! They could have been executed for it by a good leader! This is a headphone mix concept try-out upload for evaluation purpose. And of course there might still be some copyright issues since we are not sure to which particular good leader(s) this applause belongs (if to any...). This composition has also been an entry to the Abbey Road 80th Anniversary World Anthem Competition but was not among the 8 selected anthems to be recorded by the London Philharmonic and top of the bill choirsingers for the Abbey Road jubileum cd. (We wonder why...:-)) 'Greetings from your good leader' was performed for the first time live by Ton and Liesbeth in the Northern Dutch town of Winschoten on june the third 2010. And how interesting is that !!

Here's the link to the video:
and without yt commercials: