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Some of the older movies. ( For the latest videos please see our You Tube account, click here )

None of the audio or video's on this site and on the internet is the finished product, and allmost all audio has been mixed
primarily for headphones by mad engineering.


'Dancing in the moonlight', one of our more relaxed songs.

This is one of the songs from the animated music
movie 'Return of the Century' and  from the cd
'The Discovery of V'.


Hieronder: 'Een wandeling in het park en al die standbeelden', de tijdelijke (headphones) beta versie. (dutch version)


'Starfleet delivers Cooper Cat'.

The text movie of the prelonged version of the intro
of our Cooper Cat cd. (What a sentence.)
At the arrival of Cooper Cat there
are 2 choirs
performing his favorite song 'Return Of The Century'.
You can hear the song in the background while a
cheering crowd welcomes Cooper.
From the album Cooper Cat, the raw data version.

Below: 'Why We' .

Why We, a song about choosing your own path.
This raw data version comes from our cd Cooper Cat.

See below 'this dance will last forever'.
There's also an update of this video, a HD version at


'No One Ever Knew'



'From 11 to 7'



We had far too much fun comin' in at '12, Sandy Crossroads'.

'12, Sandy Crossroads', the only recording of this song, live performed by Ton and he has never played it since.


'Some live in Vienna, some others they don't...'
How to fold your own life.


'Let's not kill the architect', live at festival 5D in Amsterdam



Sky is blue, but not the limit !!

We recorded Sky is Blue live at one of our special 20 minutes ongoing animationshows, and here we play it as a quick step.
We play two more versions of it, 'sky is blues', which of course adds a slow bluesy swing feeling to it, and 'sky is stadium', a very slow and intense 3/4 version of the song.

'Sky is Blue' live at the Zwarte Cross.


En hé, hier is er nog een... 'Sky is blue' by Albon Elm


Below: our one and only blues in a very bootleg recording, but still...



Cold Man, the song below, is in fact about evil.