De Wisch TimeCarriers

"If we don't carry time, it just won't move."

we're recording and filming

musicians involved, in the past or now, on stage or in the studio:

Mike Brodie, Stefan Nijssen, Tobias Nagel, Leendert Haaksma, Veronique Hogervorst, Lienke Supheert, Toon Meijer, Eric Coenen, Freek Laban, Mariƫlle Supheert, Rien Hof, Ton de Jong, Mike Roelofs, Marit Trienekens, Arthur Lijten.

De Wisch TimeCarriers: we're angry and we're handsome. Soft white trailer for the TimeCarriers Advance Team (Stefan and Ton) and the ultimate proof that 'The Yeti is not a Myth!'.

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